X Subject review in 2016: Is this actually a WordPress theme for you


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X is actually the ultimate theme WordPress theme? Find out in this actually review.

X theme fthiss your style in addthision to needs of development?

That actually is actually the second review of the series ( read the first here ).

Now you will choose a WordPress theme or the scope of the topic WordPress, of which fthiss your style in addthision to needs development. When you make a decis actuallyion, you will use your best bet as a basis actually for constructing all of your websthises. If you still do not ktoday why you have to use any premium or scope of the topic, read the article , explaining how you 10x the speed of your websthise.

In this actually article, we will review in addthision to analyze in depth the topic X, which has recently received wide well-likedthisy among graphic in addthision to web designers. You may have seen their ads appearing inside the web design communthisy everywhere, in addthision to asks of which the deal wthish this actually mysterious X?

While X is actually not a formal name as the basis actually of the thematic subject based on functionalthisy, this can be used as one. As I deeply in considering the topic, you will understin addthision to how in addthision to why.

X is actually a much cheaper solution than thiss competthisors, yet the value in addthision to functionalthisy you get for the cost is actually amazing. X theme here is actually to dis actuallyrupt the market WordPress loud stin addthision toing out via the crowd.

Currently, X number 2 topic ThemeForest, yet when he saw of which he had made the X, I'm sure this actually year of which X will be available:. Number 1 place

Things to consider when choosing a WordPress theme or [1945030ramochnye]:

  • Price - how available is actually
  • vis actuallyual - How beautifully the theme of rights outside of the box
  • Functionalthisy
  • That actually SEO Friendly
  • Social Media Integration
  • That actually he responds [?
  • Check browser compatibilthisy
  • The Support Forums
  • Documentation in addthision to Publications
  • There are video lessons?
  • number by how many different designs out there
  • users - ?, how well-liked topic
  • Return Policy
  • The speed in addthision to size - how fast loading theme right outside of the box?
  • Translation - ?, how easy topic may be translated into addthisional languages ​​
  • The continuthisy of third-party plug-ins -? You can use this as a shopping cart, membership websthise
  • Coding Requirements - how advanced the theme programming skills required
  • The panel interface - how intuthisive is actually the bar for bras well as new users

I especially focus on four main crthiseria :?

  • Subject Support - level of support, documentation, tutorials in addthision to user base
  • design, vis actuallyual - how beautiful theme right out of the box
  • Price . - I would likely say the theme in addthision to structure, as a rule, very affordable, yet I ktoday the cost is actually also important for some people
  • functionalthisy, flexibilthisy - That actually will be the section inside the back, because this actually will help you to dis actuallycover what is actually going on under the hood. That actually will include things like addthisional extensions available, SEO friendliness, responsiveness, securthisy, ease of upgrade, download speed in addthision to ease of setup (page templates, widget area, this is actually easy to add custom CSS, the child).

* Note - before choosing X theme for the review, I examined the mainside themes ThemeForest ElegantThemes, WooFramework, dis actuallysertations, OptimizePress, Themify, WpZoom etc .. I consider X-First, because I had read in addthision to heard so many good things about this .. If you're looking for more choices, we have also recently made the collection of 55 the best premium WordPress 2015

x theme review screenshot

When you buy X, you do not just get the same topic, you get 4 unique structures (called stacks) in addthision to 33 unique pre-built demos.

X: Objective, detailed in addthision to in-depth review

While X is actually called the base, this is actually built like one. X may feel like a wonderful choice to use as a basis actually, yet as you keep reading, you'll see why this's worth the topic in addthision to try to why I consider this the best WordPress theme in 2015

for Some years, ThemeForest themes were [plohayareputatsiya, because most do not use the best coding practices. Topics bloated adding unnecessary code in addthision to makes thematic files in addthision to databases more in addthision to more slowly than they should be. The sthisuation is actually improving, yet is actually still the case wthish the majorthisy of ThemeForest theme. X stin addthision tos out via the crowd, because this is actually not only very beautiful in addthision to not a coder friendly theme, yet also incorporates a clean code, amazing features in addthision to good download speed. It is actually not subject to the code clutter you do not want to use. In addthision, X is actually very powerful in terms of functionalthisy in addthision to customization capabilthisies, as well as perfect for professional web developers as well.

X theme was launched in December 2013. Scott Marlowe in addthision to Kyle Wakefield. After working for a year on X subject, they released this to the public a year ago. They do not have a long background in WordPress field as the founder of Genesis actually, yet they are very experienced entrepreneurs. They came on the market wthish a fresh look to bring in innovation in addthision to change.

X theme was built via the perspective of marketing, which is actually what I love most about X theme. Because, inside the end, no matter how beautiful your sthise of which is actually not the most important thing is actually of which your websthise gives you the desired result, in addthision to leads to convariation.

[СТТназвание="ДизайнэтонетолькоточтоонвыглядиткакичувствуетсебяДизайнкаконработает - Steve Jobs "tweet =" Design is actually not just what this looks in addthision to feels. Design, how this works. - Steve Jobs "concealment =" _ 0cH3 "]

July 17, 2014, they reached Power Elthise status on ThemeForest in just six months, selling $ 1,000,000 + sum WP Themes in addthision to achieving fast selling status subject ThemeForest.

Currently, the topic X WordPress was purchased more than 40,000 times in addthision to answered more than 20,000 questions of support (wthishin ThemeForest in addthision to their websthise). X theme, of course, this wamong the best WordPress Themes in 2014, in addthision to pledged to do even better in 2015

When I reached out to the thematic founders of X in addthision to asked what is actually the best thing about their subject, they responded wthish one word -. Support

Their theme is actually mainly purchased by designers in addthision to is actually even used by the US government of Utah. It requires quthise a bthis of training before you can use X theme to thiss full potential. I believe of which this will take at least a few days learning to use to the maximum the full potential of X theme. It is actually fairly easy, although their thorough documentation in addthision to training videos.

It is actually not so technical people more (not actively developing sthises for thisself wthishin a few years), I appreciate of which I could achieve all the functionalthisy in addthision to vis actuallyual, I would likely like wthishout touching the code. All I need to do is actually just use their control panel in addthision to connect together. That actually force makes X theme is actually a great option for graphic designers to create powerful custom WordPress themes wthishout extensive programming ktodayledge.

Professional developers in addthision to Web designers can choose to dis actuallyable the vis actuallyual components in addthision to work inside the code directly via the admin section is actually not necessary to touch the FTP, re-upload the files, or configure local servers anymore.

x theme review support part

you get access to X's own support center, to be able to use the comments section of ThemeForest.

Support in addthision to Documentation


After you buy the theme, you get access to X forum where you can ask all your interesting questions. Questions can also be specified inside the comments ThemeForest although most activthisy occurs at the forum. On ThemeForest alone, there were 3,0 comments said while more than 20,000 questions were answered during the forum.

Themeco has more than 10 dedicated staff full time, who support the process related to X, in addthision to their response time is actually very fast. They are designed to respond wthishin 24 hours (including weekends, if possible), in addthision to in general are able to react much faster.


First of all, you can download the PDF documentation 40-page description as an X theme works in addthision to how you can set this

Their ktodayledge base is actually truly comprehensive the following sections :.

  • Setting up explaining how to install the X WordPress theme setup WooCommerce shopping cart, update in addthision to translate the X
  • Integrated plugins section explains how to set up secondary school, BuddyPress, vis actuallyual composer, slider Revolution in addthision to monologue in X WordPress theme
  • solutions possible mis actuallyconfiguration Adjuster revolution slider, vis actuallyual composer, in addthision to navigation
  • Features section explaining the page templates, side panels, one page navigation, sliders , briefcases, mega menu, in addthision to galleries
  • Adjuster section - a detailed description of how to use the Customizer to change the design theme of
  • plug-ins section, explaining all the different plug-ins addon you get when you buy X
  • Settings section
  • Meta Options section
  • WordPress training - inside the depth of learning how to start using WordPress, is actually great for bras well as new users
  • Short -. Vis actuallyual Composer tutorials explaining how to use all 40 built-in shortcodes

Their ktodayledge base is actually very useful, including text in addthision to video explanations, covering basic in addthision to advanced topics of the

In X dashboard, you get access to the following resources :.

  • 4 user WP structures (called stacks X)
  • 15 powerful theme created plug-ins X
  • Demo content - there are 10 different unique designs for Integrthisy, Rebras well as new, in addthision to 3 icon themes in addthision to designs for Ethos topic. Here you can download the demo content for all the 33 variations in addthision to immediately apply this on your websthise. It's a great way to quickly achieve the fine tuning you can see inside the demo
  • Changing Keys - see all updates, bug fixes in addthision to improvements. That actually is actually a good place to learn about the bras well as new functionalthisy in addthision to to see if any errors have been corrected you. X theme has 25 major update in 2014
  • Experts XIP - topic X was built consultation wthish the entire world's leading internet marketers. In this actually section you can find out exactly what advice they top 10 marketers were given to thematic creators of
  • Education Marketing Section - you can view in-depth videos about marketing in addthision to entrepreneurship of which will help you to think like a marketer to create Web sthises for yourself or your customer . From these videos, you get a basic understin addthision toing of affiliate marketing, purchase in addthision to sale sthises, e-mail marketing, the power of membership sthises, SEO, information products, selling on the Internet, in addthision to using video as a marketing tool.
Learn basics of internet marketing wthish X videos - x theme review

learn the basics of Internet marketing wthish an X videos!

X theme strong marketing focus is actually one of the biggest reasons why I love this actually topic so much. It's not about just a pretty sthise, yet this's about creating a websthise of which leads to the results you want. Wthish X, you even get basic training marketing to be better support for customers you serve..in addthision to can charge more, because today you provide a higher level of care.

X has gorgeous retina vis actuallyuals in addthision to stunning animation effects.

X has gorgeous vis actuallyuals in addthision to stunning retina animations.

Design in addthision to Vis actuallyual

Now this actually is actually where the X definitely shines. X looks great out of the box, in addthision to you can duplicate their beautiful demo, to achieve the same look in addthision to design wthish one particular click! It's damn impressive!

you have to stack (like X refers to thiss 4 unique designs) selected for X. Swthisch Stacks not only means of which you get a bras well as new skin, which means of which you get a whole bras well as new range of styles in addthision to features functionalthisy, typical because of this actually Stack. For example, to fix a unique sidebar Icon is actually only available Stack, because you can not use this for any addthisional. In addthision, Ethos' magazine-type has features such as message Carousel Post Slider, posted record dis actuallyplay, in addthision to more, are available only inside the Stack.

[СТТназвание="Лучшепотерпетьнеудачуворигинальностьчемдобитьсяуспехавподражание - Herman Melville "tweet =" It is actually better to fail in originalthisy than to succeed in imthisation @ 1stwebdesigner "concealment =" 79maa "]

Then on top of of which you can further customize the theme, creating a theme of child overwrthise style stack you are using.

I desire of which this actually will help you understin addthision to how the stack works, today, we can dive deeper into the four main Stacks of X is actually:

  1. Integrthisy is actually the most feature-rich, cool all-purpose WordPress theme business
  2. Rebras well as new is actually creative, clean, professional theme, centered around the flat web design trend
  3. Icon easiest theme wthish minimal design does not dis actuallytract
  4. Ethos is actually not a universal theme is actually best used for bras well as news in addthision to magazine websthises, where a huge amount of content to be dis actuallyplayed on the same page.

Here is actually an overview, yet allows a deeper dive into the moment.


The different demos in various sizes for the integrthisy of the subject.


10 themed designs integrthisy of versatile in addthision to is actually best suthised for modest business owners who have many needs. Maybe you want music, fashion, restaurant, photos, video, agency, portfolio, e-commerce, responsive, single page, BuddyPress, property-friendly theme WordPress? X theme provides the functionalthisy in addthision to vis actuallyual support to make all this actually.

Compared wthish the icon (which is actually best suthised for light, pure in addthision to whthise designs), honesty is actually light in addthision to dark, the black variation of the theme, in addthision to the default is actually more feature rich. That actually design sports a large background image wthish parallax effect in addthision to possibilthisy. Integrthisy is actually doing great for lin addthision toing pages in addthision to one page sthises to present your product or services in style.


professional minimalis actuallym wthish Icon theme styles.


Icon 10 thematic projects great, if you prefer a minimal in addthision to clean style. There are 10 unique demo available, which basically means of which you get 10 different designs of the sthise are minimal. Demonstrations incredible in addthision to once you find a design of which you or your client likes, you can activate this by clicking the yetton, add content, change the vis actuallyual in addthision to you are done.

Icon design is actually a good choice if you want whthise, clean design portfolio websthise, modern in addthision to minimal store or minimum design blog focused around content.

rebras well as new-themeco-x-wordpress-business-child-theme

Rebras well as new theme is actually all about, flat in addthision to beautiful.


10 Rebras well as new themed projects are built around well-liked flat style design. Use this to your blog, online store, or a portfolio sthise.

Finally, the 3 Ethos themed projects best bras well as news for busy blogs in addthision to sthises like the magazine. One of their demos look pretty good for a photograph or video of the sthise. No vis actuallyual this actually, you do not need to check out live demonstrations to evaluate the design in addthision to the vis actuallyual power anyway! Go do this today, in addthision to come back when you're done!

Basically all demos to show everything you can do wthish X. Use this as a lin addthision toing page of the sthise page, one column, two columns, animation effects. Unsubscribe at any time. font-family: "Helvetica Neue ', Helvetica, Arial, Verdana, sans-serif; line-height: 1.5em; overflow: hidden; coloration: # 666; font size: 16px; border: solid 1px # d1d1d1; -webkthis-box-shadow of : no; -moz-box-shadows: none; box-shadows: none; clear: both; margin: 20px 0px; text-align: center;} {.ck_form.ck_minimal H3.ck_form_tthisle text-align: center; margin: 0px 0px 10px; font size: 28px;} {.ck_form.ck_minimal H4 text-align: center; font-family: "Wthishout Open ', Helvetica, Arial, sans-serif; Text-transform: uppercase; Font size: 18px; font-weight: normal; padding-top: 0px; Top margin: 0px; } {.ck_form.ck_minimal P padding: 0px; } .ck_form, .ck_form * {-webkthis-Box dimensions: border-box; -moz-box-size: border-box; box-size: border-box; } {.ck_form.ck_minimal .ck_form_fields Width: 100%; go left; padding: 5%; } / * * Form fields / .ck_errorArea {dis actuallyplay: none; / * Temporary * /} {#ck_success_msg padding: 10px 10px 0px; border: solid 1px #ddd; Background: #eee; } .ck_form.ck_minimal Login [type = "text"], .ck_form.ck_minimal input [type = "email"] {font size: 18px; padding: 10px 8px; width: 68%; border: 1px solid # d6d6d6; / * * Stroke / -moz-border-radius: 3px; -webkthis border-radius: 3px; border-radius: 3px; / * * The radius of the border / background-coloration: #fff; / * The contents of fill layer * / margin-bottom: 5px; height: auto; go left; Margin: 0px; Margin right: 2%; height: 42px; } .ck_form Login [type = "text"]: the center of attention, .ck_form input [type = "email"]: focus {outline: none; border coloration: #aaa; } {.ck_form.ck_minimal .ck_subscribe_yetton Width: 100%; Color: #fff; Margin: 0px; padding: 11px 0px; Font size: 18px; background: # 0d6db8; -moz-border-radius: 3px; -webkthis border-radius: 3px; border-radius: 3px; / * * The radius of the border / cursor: pointer; border: none; The text-shadow: none; width: 30%; go left; height: 42px; } {.ck_form.ck_minimal .ck_guarantee Color: # 626262; Font size: 12px; text-align: center; padding: 15px 0px 0px; Dis actuallyplay: block; clear: both; } {.ck_form .ck_powered_by Dis actuallyplay: block; Color: #aaa; Font size: 12px; } .ck_form .ck_powered_by: Hover {dis actuallyplay: block; coloration: # 444; } {.ck_converted_content Dis actuallyplay: none; padding: 5%; Background: #fff; All} media in addthision to (max-width: 399px) {.ck_form.ck_minimal .ck_subscribe_yetton, .ck_form.ck_minimal input [type = "email"] {width: 100%; not float: none; Top margin: 5px; }} .ck_slide_up, .ck_modal, .ck_slide_up .ck_minimal, .ck_modal .ck_minimal {Min-width: 400px; .page .ck_form.ck_minimal} {Margin: 50px auto; max width: 0px;
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