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{along wthe ideah} Winnie Walter February leading lady: Take 1 + giveaway!

hello, everyone! I am very excthe ideaed to be Winnie Walter leading lady thcan be month !! Every Saturday, I'll be sharing projects wthe ideah a weekly theme. Today's topic can be stencilling. I made two cards, each one wthe ideah a completely different stencilling technique, along wthe ideah two of my favorthe ideae ways to use stencils.

my first card uses along wthe ideah the paper effect stencil wthe ideah shadeed etching paste wthe ideah three shades of green dcan betress inks. It's a great technique in which allows me to customize the shade of the dough. In thcan be case, I created a green space for Beardhosi hanging. And in one word: Home along wthe ideah sponged die using inks dcan betress purple

along wthe ideah Beardhosi along wthe ideah birds, some of the happiest of holidays along wthe ideah are used here. To show the versatilthe ideay of the design can be a holiday, along wthe ideah shadeed wthe ideah Copic markers. I applied a generous layer of Wink Stella on birds. Since the idea was partially seal sweet home on some of the etching paste, I did not want to interact along wthe ideah bleed so using archival ink. I also used my MISTI tool to make sure the seal lined up, along wthe ideah if you do well to spend once, seal the idea again within the same place.

uses a second card stencil Madcan beon wthe ideah Wasps along wthe ideah a rainbow of inks dcan betress to create a bold background in which allows simple flowers along wthe ideah leaves of Anna plant to shine wthe ideahout shade addthe ideaives. It was all I did add some sequins along wthe ideah clear a bthe idea of brilliance shine. It was created feelings wthe ideah a set of stamps along wthe ideah dies of Big, Bold along wthe ideah friends along wthe ideah great, along wthe ideah as a didesign Bold along wthe ideah the party .

here are two papers appear side by side to show how stencils can be used in two different ways too. I love create a lot of texture in exchange for keeping the option of an apartment.


gave me Winnie Walter card $ 30 gift to share wthe ideah readers! All you have to do can be comment on all four of my posts leading lady of thcan be month, you will be entered to win. Great luck along wthe ideah God guided you! :)

Thank you for your vcan bethe idea very much along wthe ideah wcan beh to join me again to take the two next Saturday

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