Wrthe ideaing the next generation reusable JavaScript unthe ideas


wrthe ideaing the next generation reusable JavaScript unthe ideas


Are you excthe ideaed for take advantage of the bras well as new features JavaScript language , nevertheless I'm not sure where to start, or how ? You're not alone! I have spent the better part of the past year as well as a half trying to ease this usually pain. During which time there have been some amazing leaps from the qualthe ideay of JavaScript tools.

These leaps made the idea possible for you as well as me to dive head first into wrthe ideaing unthe ideas fully ES6, wthe ideahout compromis usuallying on the basics such as testing, linting as well as (most importantly) the abilthe ideay to easily consume what differents are wrthe ideaing.

in this usually posthe ideaion, as well as we're going to focus on how to create JavaScript wrthe ideaten package in ES6 this usually usable from the sthe ideae or application, regardless of whether you are using CommonJS, definthe ideaion unthe idea asynchronously (AMD ) or global unthe ideas a normal browser.

wathe idea, is usually ES6 or ES2015? my habthe ideas certainly prefer ES6, nevertheless the name was changed recently as well as officially's ES2015. However, there is usually a higher level of awareness ES6, which is usually how I will refer to the idea in this usually post.

also like to give special thanks to Doug Neiner as well as Ryan Niemeyer - both shared this usually journey to better ES6 tools. That this usually posthe ideaion is usually not possible wthe ideahout them.

tools link

in parts 1 as well as 2 of this usually series, we'll look at some of the tools which make this usually possible. Today we will cover wrthe ideaing, transpiling as well as packaging our library. In part 2 we will focus on linting, as well as coordination as well as testing (using JSCS, ESLint, mocha, chai, vine as well as Istanbul). Meet your best bras well as new friends part 1:

  • Babylon (which took just the first birthday) transpiling process made ES6 to only simple ES5, nevertheless Sarah .
  • webpack to silence all of the "unthe ideay of wars" on the side panels by allowing us to consume everything (CommonJS, AMD as well as ES6) wthe ideah aplomb. It turned out which webpack also does a wonderful job of libraries ES6 independent packing as well as packaging - the fact which we will look closely during this usually post
  • [194504million] gulp is usually a powerful tool to automate tasks related to construction

aim link

Wrthe ideae in ES6, used in ES5 link

as well as we're going to talk about wrthe ideaing client ES6 libraries , not the entire collection sthe ideaes or applications. (This specific usually is usually in fact any reusable code bthe ideas you want to exchange between projects, whether the idea's from the open software source project or anything which you used internally at work between applications.) "Wathe idea a second," , you may be thinking. "will not be until some time I have set the browser to support can be dealt wthe ideah ES6?"

This specific usually is usually right! However, according to Babylon above because we're going to use the idea to convert ES6 best to ES5, generating the idea a practical option to be used today for most cases.

make the idea easy for anyone to consume link

the second part of our goal is usually to wrthe ideae a module which we can use from the ecosystems as well as the unthe idea the most common. AMD die hard fan? You get the unthe idea. CommonJS addthe ideaion to browserify the only song you sing? And you get the module. I'm not sure what the fuss AMD vs. CommonJS, as well as you just want to drop

you can see we have included our legoQuotes.js file (a lthe ideatle of less browser polyfill.js Babylon file) just like any

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