How to Make Illustrations From Pictures?

Many times, we cannot make our own logo designs from scratch. For that purpose, we need to trace the figure from its original picture. Either we can do that by the use of tracing it using illustrator or we can do that naturally by hand.
 For most of us tracing by illustrator is often a good way of doing that while others prefer doing it by hand.
 Here I will be telling you how you can trace it using the trace button on illustrator in a more professional way.
 Use the themes:
 There are many themes available for tracing an adobe illustration for example the themes can be traced with the help of a pen tool or you can let that happen automatically by the use of trace button. You can take out the image from internet or pick it from a folder and you than only have to bring it in to the illustrator and trace it.
 Change colors:
 You can set up the colors or you can trace it in black and white both are in your favor depending on the way you are going to trace it. If you are making a custom logo maker for a company than you can trace it with the colors. The reason for tracing them with colors is that colors are vectored and can be used with the image or any other vector for combination.
 Do that with different fonts:
 When you are making a custom logo maker, you cannot use the fonts as they are downloaded you have to change them to vector format and change their design. The reason is that when you change the design of downloadable fonts, the design is hard to be copied by another firm who is in competition with your firm.
 As for the pictures to vectors:
 You can also turn pictures to vectors without turning them in to logo designs. There are times when we like out photos to be turned to vector formats so that we can use them wherever we want and in what size we want.
 That can also be done with the help of tracing. Because with hands that will take a lot of time and will not illustrate the overall picture with the right tone.
 I guess this article will help you with your tracing in the future. Still if you have problem you can visit our website that has custom logo makers and provides custom logo design services.

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