Major In Graphic Design Minor In Computer Science

Major In Graphic Design Minor In Computer Science

As graphic design students settle on their major field of study, they begin to. While computer science minors are broad and give students a brief brush with all .
The Game Design Minor is available for undergraduate students with a. from Graphics and Art, the Psychology of Gaming, and Human-Computer Interaction.. *Computer Science majors cannot apply CS/ENGRD 2110/2112 or courses .
If you're thinking about getting a minor with a Web design degree, there are many. should get a computer science degree and perhaps minor in art or design.. a visual designer in the Web design field, you should get a two-year graphic art .
For programming, yes, computer science with a focus on graphics,. art/production design which is primarily 2D work, a degree in art (eg.
For example, many minors take graphic design courses in the art department. in computer science is for students who wish to complement their major with a .

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