Salary Of A Freelance Graphic Designer

Salary Of A Freelance Graphic Designer

351 Freelance Graphic Designer Salaries provided anonymously by employees. What salary does a Freelance Graphic Designer earn in your area?
So what's the average salary of a graphic designer?. This would include designers who have recently begun freelancing, have just graduated from a design .
As of Jun 2018, the average pay for a Freelance Graphic Designer is $29.20 /hr or $40695 annually.
295 salaries reported. $20.94 per hour. Most Reported. $7.25. $49.45. Graphic Designer jobs in San Diego, CA · Freelance Designer. 46 salaries reported.
(PS: they're both admirable jobs, there's just a clear salary difference.). . What would be the hourly rate for a freelance graphic designer in Charlotte, NC? Reply.
When developing your career as a Freelance Graphic Designer, consider the extensive salary and job outlook data we've collected.
Once you you know you need a graphic designer, however, how do you. If your project has a tight timeline, you may pay a premium (i.e. a rush fee) so be sure .

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