Major In Graphic Design Minor In Psychology

Major In Graphic Design Minor In Psychology

I'm torn between focusing on psychology or graphic design, so I was wondering if I could major/minor in both and have them work together.
Marketing Major Minors Graphic Design International Business Organizational Communication Social Media Analytics Consumer Psychology Becoming a dual .
I'm in love with Psychology and set on declaring it as my major.. If I did graphic design, I could really hone my skills and become an amazing artist.. . you even in college? stressing about a possible double major, or minor, .
Minor in Graphic Design for Non-Art Majors. ART 2661, Introduction to Graphic Design, 3. ART 3761, Intermediate Graphic Design, 3. in Teacher Education · Department of Counseling, School Psychology and Educational Leadership.
Earn your BFA in Graphic Design with our accredited undergraduate degree.
The knowledge offered within the 18 credit Graphic Design minor aligns with the. Accounting, Economics, Computer Science, Psychology, Communications and. of their major with the tactile-visual skills inherent to Graphic Design, such as .
Jobs for psychology majors can be found in the scientific field, social. . there is a seemingly limitless pairing of degrees and minors for psychology majors.
Liberty University's Minor in Psychology is an excellent complement to any bachelor's degree program because psychology intersects with many areas of life .

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